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"Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child open up himself to life."

-- Maria Montessori

Williamsburg Montessori School Programs

18 months to 3 years
Much more than daycare, the toddler program helps our youngest students develop language and social skills, coordination and cognitive learning.
Ages 3-6 years
Children in their preschool years engage in hands-on learning and explore the world with all their senses as they build a strong foundation for success in school and beyond.
Ages 6-12 years
Elementary school students take advantage of challenging academics and an integrated curriculum to problem solve, work collaboratively, and pursue personal interests. The result is a highly engaged student who loves school.
Ages 12-14 years
Community partnerships, service learning, field studies and academic rigor combine in an environment that respects the unique developmental needs of adolescence to make a truly dynamic learning experience in our middle school.

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  • The Montessori Approach to Early Childhood Development

    Montessori preschool education is based on the characteristics and needs of children at each stage of their development. Our students’ natural curiosity and desire to master the world is encouraged through carefully prepared learning environments, internationally recognized Montessori materials, and the individual attention and guidance of specially trained, nurturing teachers. Students who share a common developmental stage learn in a mixed age class. The full potential of each individual is supported with collaborative and independent activities that develop confidence, concentration, initiative and persistence. Learning, working and playing together, Williamsburg Montessori School students become responsible members of their community, society and the world.
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  • Admissions, Tuition & Financial Aid

    Williamsburg Montessori School welcomes students of all races, religions, and ethnicities. Our enrollment process aims to ensure that WMS remains a lively and diverse community guided by Montessori philosophy, committed to the shared work of “following the child.” Find out more about our admissions process, tuition and financial aid.
  • Schedule a Tour

    The Williamsburg Montessori School is located on three campuses: Longhill Road, which includes our Toddler Program, Children's House and Lower Elementary (grades 1-3); Scotland Street, which includes our Upper Elementary (grades 4-6); and our Penniman Road campus in Williamsburg, which houses our Middle School (grades 7-9). When scheduling a tour, please contact our school office at Longhill Road: 757-565-0977.


  • Our two kids couldn’t be more different—different genders, personalities, interests, learning styles—but both of them have thrived at WMS because of the school’s commitment to a flexible and rigorous education. We chose WMS for our children because the extraordinary teachers from pre–K to middle school meet students where they are in their educational journeys, then show them how to go beyond what they thought they could achieve. Not only have my kids learned more at WMS than their age–level peers in the full range of academic subjects, they've discovered a desire to learn more—to try harder, push deeper, and go farther.
    - WMS Parent
  • It’s incredible the parallels I can draw between the skills and lessons I learned in the Children’s House and Elementary programs, to the skills I use every day at Virginia Commonwealth University. Specifically, when working in teams or when I am required to do abstract, unstructured thinking; a skill Montessori fostered for me at a young age. I truly do believe that Montessori education has benefited me far more greatly than a traditional education ever could--ranging from my deep-seeded drive to learn, critical thinking skills in stressful situations and ability to independently solve problems--all of which I have Montessori to thank.
    - WMS Alum
  • Where you really see Montessori "bloom" is when your child goes to college. All that guidance in time management and support in self-directed learning that begins as early as the Toddler Room or Children's House and continues through all the programs, was really the best preparation for my child's transition to college.
    - WMS Alumni Parent
  • It took me a while to fully appreciate the impact of a Montessori education, but I came to the realization that this was the most caring place for a child.
    - WMS Alumni Parent
  • I have worked in private and public school classrooms as a teacher for almost 17 years, and observing a Montessori classroom for the first time literally brought me to tears. The sense of purpose, self-direction, curiosity and clear, focused attention was palpable. Children were engaged in learning for learning's sake. There was no sense of despair, heads in hands or dazed expressions. The materials were neatly laid out, there was a sense of order and calm, and everyone was fully on task.
    - WMS Parent
  • By enrolling my children in Montessori, I have given them the gift of preserving their childhood.
    - WMS Parent
  • Learning happens here.
    - WMS Parent
  • We can't say enough about how wonderful our daughter's Montessori education has been. Nurturing the child's spirit is not just an expression -- it is a way of life at Williamsburg Montessori.
    - WMS Parent
  • The WMS Children’s House experience has been a true gift for our daughter...
    - WMS Parent
  • For our children, we truly feel there is no other educational environment that can encourage such free thinking while at the same time nurturing their individuality, self-esteem and love of learning.
    - WMS Parent